The Super Bowl full star sparkling

What can make Obama, Bush and his son and Clinton sit with one? All the American people will loudly answer “Super Bowl”! Yes, known as the “Spring Festival Evening” NFL finals “Super Bowl” is such a US president can not refuse the top event. The 46th “Super Bowl”, expected by the millions of Americans, will be the culmination of a poll at Indianapolis on February 5.

46th Super Bowl against both sides called the enemy. In 2008, the New York Giants in the 17 to 14 miraculously defeated the marshal Bailey Chick and super quarterback Brady led the New England Patriots, the destruction of each other to create the season win and win miracle opportunities. After four years the enemy once again gathered this year, two of the world’s most powerful men Madden 17 Coins, football team will be together to play what kind of legend, the world billions of fans waiting for.

Of course, the “Super Bowl” is known as the “Spring Festival Evening” not only because it is a concern of the game, but also because the “Super Bowl” full star sparkling, Michael Jackson, U2 band, Rolling Stones have Board the stage of the Super Bowl. This year, the shining Indianapolis Lucas Oil Stadium will be 53 years old rock and roll hall class days after Madonna, at the same time, the Cirque du Soleil and MIA, Nicki Minaj, LMFAO, Cee Lo Green and other popular music scene fried chicken Will perform on the same stage. Force and beauty, sports and music in the “Super Bowl” on the perfect blend of the game.

Manchester United fans are disappointed by the electronic art

Many FIFA fans and Manchester United fans are disappointed by the electronic art last year to Bogo’s rating, while others think it is a surprise. Bogo is not only an expensive player on the transfer market, but also found himself in the game market to get more than 200,000 FIFA coins prices.

Despite this price tag, Bogo played five-star skills to move and four-star weak professional football. Players quickly realized that they were able to shoot outside, and grabbed many goalkeepers.

EA Sports gave Pogba this card at the beginning of the season, but with the passage of the season, he soon began to prove that he had a higher score.

In his season after the ball, using his body and height to fight opponents, Pogba said that he not only received a technical upgrade, but also made progress.

Pogba throughout the season in the Manchester United midfielder to show a pure class, so that they deserve a comprehensive upgrade. Defensive in recent years has been his lack of statistical data, but with the fans to see this year’s development, Borg in the game and out of the way are a good ball center.

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When you compare the past year’s Pogba card, fans can now see his versatility improved while keeping his all-around, compared to his new card. The French will have a steep price tag, but there will not be a penny that will be wasted on him. If this growth is anything that can be done, Bogo can be the best in a few years later.

The World Cup bribery scandal

FIFA Ethics Committee announced the start of the 2006 World Cup bid in Germany, the six officials suspected of corruption was investigated, including the famous German “football emperor” Beckenbauer. Beckenbauer was the chairman of the German World Cup bid committee, after a survey said the German delegation to use money for votes, and ultimately beat South Africa won the 2006 World Cup bid.

The six people surveyed were:

1. Nelsbach Former German Football Association chairman, vice chairman of the German World Cup Organizing Committee, the current FIFA and UEFA Executive Committee.

2. Sandrock. Former German Football Association Secretary-General, Germany World Cup competition director.

3. Beckenbauer Former German Football Association vice chairman, chairman of the German World Cup Organizing Committee, former FIFA executive committee.

4. Zwang Qi Ge. Former German Football Association vice chairman, vice chairman of the German World Cup Organizing Committee, former FIFA Mobile Comfort Trade FIFA and UEFA Executive Committee.

5. Schmidt. Former German Football Association Secretary-General, the German World Cup Organizing Committee vice chairman.

6. Hans. Former German Football Association Chief Financial Officer, Germany World Cup Organizing Committee Chief Financial Officer.

Things originated in October last year, the German media broke the news that in the bid to host the 2006 World Cup, the German team used 10.3 million Swiss francs (about 13 million German marks) bribery, with the money to buy the Asian representative of the four votes. The victory over the victory of South Africa won the World Cup host.

Since then, Beckenbauer said in the bid process really “made a mistake”, but no bribery.

A spokesman for the German Interior Ministry confirmed in the month that the 2006 World Cup bribery scandal would be investigated.

In March this year, the German Football Association released a survey report said that Germany’s bid to host the 2006 World Cup “cash for votes” the possibility of “can not be completely ruled out” and there are new doubts surfaced. German football star Franz Beckenbauer and former German Football Association President Nielsbach in an interview have said that they have nothing to do with the bribery election event.

The security of the scene tight

2017 Confederations Cup opener in St. Petersburg to start the contest, host Russia 2-0 victory over Oceania champion New Zealand, made a good start. Russian defender Vassin header in the column, striker Poulos restricted area fell to the ground without a penalty. New Zealand defender Boksol since Oolong. The second half, the Russian striker Smolov expanded the score. [Russian win to win the small guns already know! Anti-Japanese 21 in 2017

Host Russia for the first time to join the Confederations Cup. Compared with the play warm-up battle compared to Chile, Chelceov replaced four starting, Kyrgyzstan, Turkkov, Ye Luo Xin, Polos played. New Zealand had warm up before losing to Northern Ireland and Belarus. Smith and Barba Rousse played, replacing Chimopoulos and Smeltz. The two teams had only one battle, the 1982 World Cup Soviet 3 to 0 win.

More than 60,000 fans watch the scene, the security of the scene tight, held a brief warm before the opening ceremony, Russian President Vladimir Putin brief speech: “Welcome to Russia.” Opening stage of Russia control the situation. Golowin left the restricted area frontier volley shot by Marinoovic. Samedov takes the corner and Smolov header goes high. Russia, the first 7 minutes almost broke, Samedor on the right side of the corner, Waxin 8 meters in front of the top hit the left goal post, McGowan door line rescue!

New Zealand 13 minutes first opportunity, goalkeeper Marinoovic backcourt, Wood left the header ferry, Smith small angle shovel hit bared. 2 minutes after the controversy, the Russian backstage long pass, Smith intercepted the ball, Poruz won the ball single shot into the restricted area, the face goalkeeper Marinoovic shovel cut off the ground, the Colombian referee Luo Er Dan did not interrupt the game, from the slow Mirror, Marinoovic did not shovel the ball, it seems to contact the Poulos legs.

New Zealand to fight the opportunity to the front, Wood 22 meters in front of the volley higher. Kyrgyzstan left foot low shot by Marinoovic closed the lower right corner. Smolov was blown off the back of the left foot to push the door, Loddan did not show up. Russia takes the lead in 31 minutes! Ye Luo Xin frontcourt rush to pass, Poruosi non-stop ball volley paddle, Glu Shakov single shot into the restricted area right foot pick goalkeeper Marinoovic, and braved the risk of injury, escort hit the right door Column inside the bomb into the door, 1 to 0. The official end of the ball will be recorded as Boksol Oolong. After the ball of Groshakov, Smolov restricted the left side of the door 10 meters away from the door Tuishe missed the far post.

The second half began 3 minutes, Smolov right-sided biography, Poros points after 10 meters away from the door rushed by Marinovic flying seal, Ye Luo Xin right side of the blanket was saved by Marinoovic! Russia missed the opportunity for the first 53 minutes, Golowin backcourt counterattack long-range raid, Polos restricted area on the left side of the door 12 meters from the Tuishe was Marinoovic crossed out, Smith grab in front of Smolov rescue Shovel the bottom line! Samedov took a free kick at 23 meters above the door.

Chelceov adjusted the striker, Bukharov replaced Poroz. Russia’s 69th minute to expand the score! Smolov broke the ball in the middle of the road, Samedor on the right side of the low pass by the other defender Boksol missed, Smolov after the door 4 meters from the door into the near corner, 2 to 0. Tarassov replaced Ye Luo Xin. New Zealand for the first 77 minutes to create a threat, Thomas right side of the restricted area front semi-volley volley was Akinfeyev closed near corner, McGrinc’s right out of the corner, Smith 7 meters away from the door rushed to keep the post Erkov destroyed!

Russia (5-3-2): 1 – Akinfeyev / 19 – Samedo, 6 – Kyrgyzstan, 5 – Waxin, 13 – Kudurya Shaw, 18 – Turkkov / 21 – Ye Luo Xin (77’22 – Tarassov), 8 – Gruceakov, 17 – Golowen / 9 – Smolov (90’15 – Milan Chuk), 7 – (64’11 – Bukharov)

New Zealand (5-3-2): 1 – Marinoovic / 18 – Colville (83’13 – Patterson), 20 – Smith, 22 – Durant, 5 – Bocker, (61’6-ti loma), 8-McGrath, 14-Thomas / 11-Rojas (71’10-Smeltz), 9-Wood

FIFA 18 existing version

What is this story? FIFA 18 existing version, a total of more than 700 clubs, more than 18,000 players, the next issue will certainly have so many players if not more. Therefore, in order to ensure that everyone’s rating is accurate, EA will rely on a large number of vertical industries, including primary speculation, data collection and statistical analysis. The whole process will be carried out under the careful guidance of the company manufacturer Michael Mueller-Moehring. If you do not know … FIFA 18 will be powered by the same engine as FIFA 17, but the game player’s improvement will appear in more detail in the form of player movement and clearer animation (including crowd details). The core of the event

Michael Mueller-Moehring will lead a team of 9,000 data reviewers as part of the player’s ratings, including scouts, coaches and seasoners, who will expect to see the maximum number of possible matches. Publish this, they will have to provide a subjective assessment of each player on the secure website. The feedback will then be organized into 300 different data fields together with 35 specific attribute categories to determine the overall rating.

The reason behind this assessment is that people can not just rely on statistics to infer the player’s score, more importantly, analyze their psychological composition and other factors, such as in which team, league and they are What type of manager to play.To View More About FIFA 18 Coins at the reliable site

“We have a lot of leagues in the game; no statistic provider can provide data for all of these leagues, teams and players, which is why we use this online database because it is impossible to buy the data in some way – it does not Exist, “Mueller-Moehring said to ESPN. He added: “In most cases, the statistics do not take into account very specific circumstances.When you play for Bayern Munich, or play Manchester City, or play Pep Guardiola play, if your system is based on the possession of , You will have a more successful pass than the other players, but that does not necessarily make you better pass. There is data, but the data never gives you the specific situation. “What’s next? The fans of the game will have to wait until September this year, FIFA 18 will officially start to review the player’s rating and quality upgrades. It is speculated that the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) will continue to be the best player of the game, but also cover the star.

NBA LIVE Mobile is on our way

When the calendar flips to July, this can only mean one thing: it’s time for some basketball!
Okay, we usually do not admit it. But because EA waits until the end of the real NBA season, NBA LIVE Mobile is on our way, and that’s what we’re doing on the phone and tablet for the rest of the summer. After the game zoom in, the top of the App Store will be enlarged, so it is clear that this is not disturbing too many mobile gamers in the knockout play.

The basis of the game is not too difficult, but building the best team may be a bit tricky. ( Enjoy the wonderful experience of NBA LIVE Mobile,You can get safety NBA Live Coins from lolga site ) Because this is the top priority of NBA LIVE Mobile, so there is little guidance may be like this – we are happy to give it.
Continue reading and you will find out how to combine a squad that envies the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors. Yes, even with Kevin Durant.

NBA LIVE Mobile uses a long tradition of precious metals, allowing you to quickly view the player’s performance. In general, gold players are better than silver, better than bronze.

Players are marked with a large number that indicates their overall skill level, but you can use their shields to see how their talents are broken down in six ways: speed, dribbling, 3 points, shot, defense and passing.
There are elite or special event players that are better than gold, and you can identify them by the red name and number on the player’s card.

In a more intuitive aspect of NBA LIVE Mobile, once you set up a good starting five – even a 12-person team, you almost did not complete the task. On the contrary, you have to fill in five different lines, each lineup will provide different bonuses.

Bidirectional: pass and defense

Small ball: speed and dribble

Defense: speed and defense

Adults: defense and shooting

Shooting: Shooting and 3 pointers

Each player can only be used in a specific lineup, as shown by the color icon on the player card. Yes, that means that once you get Russell Westbrook, you can only use him in some events. That’s the way it is.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you want to continue to seek to improve all your lineups, which means that the players you get, especially in the early stages, may be more useful than you think.

The easiest way to fill out your roster is to buy a group of players in the game. They can use the coins you earn from the game or buy through the completion of the results can also be purchased through the NBA Cash, which is the game’s hard currency, need to use real money to get.
A quick tip: While Pro Packs are affordable, NBA LIVE Mobile almost always has a better package, only in a limited time promotion. So save your coins, because these packages are generally worth it.

Packaging is not enough, can only increase your list. You can win from some live, many different players, including the elite, can be through the trade trophies and other players to complete the collection.

However, if your heart is specific to a particular NBA star, or if you need to fill the last elusive place in your squad, then the place to go is the “auction” label. Where you can bid on athletes placed by other gamers and have a search function (found at the top of the auction screen) to help narrow the options you see.

Trophies and collectibles can also win in the auction, of course, you can also auction unwanted players and items to build your coin balance. Together with all these tools, it is necessary to conquer the court more quickly.

ECHL debuted at NHL 17

Build your EA Athletic Hockey League team to a new level by unlocking custom items by making rankings, making your uniforms unique in appearance, or using the new Arena Creator to build the ice you’ve always wanted.( NHL 17 Coins for Sale, The Best Place to Buy it from the realiable site ) Celebrating Career Definitions Become a professional and immerse yourself in the most exciting hockey ultimate team, with the introduction of team synergies that completely changed the way you build and play your dream team.

Through the new EASHL player ranking system, through the most competitive and customizable EASHL, for your players, teams and even venues to create new custom projects.

You can not judge a team by their appearance, but they look bad. Use the new team customization tool to edit your team’s entire uniform, including the patterns, colors, patches and logos used in the playoffs, relocate the team in a franchise mode, or build your EASHL team. Improve your project with EASHL for unlocking your team.

When the players look back at their careers, they will never forget – their first goal, their first fight, stepped on the ice for the first NHL match. Celebrating the career definition milestones of hockey players in the rest of their lives, bringing these moments into life, never becoming a professional and other model as before.

ECHL debuted at NHL 17, including all 27 authentic teams, jerseys and lists.

The NHL 17 forms your legacy, which is by far the largest and most exciting hockey game.

Experience your ultimate hockey fantasy with the new Champions League, World Cup hockey and franchise model. On the ice, there is a thrilling goal of having a real goalkeeper in each area, a new cyber-fighting offensive and defensive area, and more than fifty exciting new target celebrations that capture the thrill of the game’s biggest goal.

Switch version of FIFA 18 game screen

“FIFA 18″ has confirmed that it will visit the Switch platform, but EA did not disclose more games on the Switch running screenshots and demonstrations, and finally in today’s E3 scene, more Switch version of “FIFA 18″ picture to flow out,(To View More About FIFA 18 Coins at the reliable site ) foreign media And the official website are exposed to some Switch running “FIFA 18″ screen.

Switch version of the “FIFA 18″ will not use the frost engine, there is no story mode, in addition to other versions of the same function, TV mode 1080P, handheld mode 720P.

From the external network exposure screen view, Switch version of “FIFA 18″ game screen or can, according to the scene has experienced players broke the news, Switch on the “FIFA 18″ screen or some shrink, but does not affect the overall experience , Look forward to the game can be released as soon as possible.

I am an NBA 2K player

I am an NBA 2K player. Since the launch of the franchise in Sega Dream Square in 1999, like almost all other sports players, almost some development cycle, I was crazy as NBA Live. (View More about NBA Live Coins at ) I am eager for gamers to have at least two excellent matches per game. In any movement is not the case.

The last thing that still gives players the choice of movement is: hoop, but we do not know how long to last. NBA Live is poor, we all know what this may mean.

Most importantly, the NBA 2K16 is considered a better game and a story from Bryan Wiedey from, which was released in October 2015, claiming that NBA Live 16 has sold “more than 8,000″. Each (h / t popcorn Jones) NBA 2K 16 out of NBA Live 16 7.11 million to 240K.

Publishers have been NCAA football, NCAA MVP baseball, NCAA March Madness, MVP baseball, NBA Street, Grand Slam tennis and fighting night champion plug in other series. Not all of these cancellations are due to product performance, but show EA is not afraid to see the right time to stop the press.

Despite repeated failures, but NBA Live franchise does not need to be canceled, but need to change significantly. For some time, even the most proud and mature people have to accept, they are not as good as their competitors.

NBA Live leader in a few years ago released NBA Live 15 should have reached this goal. Virtual Hardwood King was once the NBA 2K giant, the latter’s dominant position until 2015, NBA 2K16 proved to be a very good product, NBA Live 16.

Whether you believe it or not, Live 16 is doing well. Their face scan application: GameFace 2.0 is much better than the NBA 2K’s similar features. GameFace 2.0 is a mobile application that makes scanning your face faster and the results are more accurate. In addition, Live Pro-Am and Summer Circuit also have their quality. At first, Live Pro-Am features a bit better than 2K Pro-Am, but the gap has been erased.

EA is doing better in distinguishing between player types. No matter how much you upgrade 7’3 “center, he will not play like a point guard, NBA 2K in MyPark and Pro-Am mode is still in balance, when you consider a more accurate player scan” Live Pro Am and Summer Circuit “face and solid game, NBA Live online cooperation is not terrible.

Unfortunately, the game is furious in every other way. So what is the solution? Now, put down Live 16 all the things are not OK.

Star? Gone There is no way that the bare metal model can compete with NBA 2K’s MyCareer. Now, this is only an unnecessary part of the process of building a Pro-Am fighter.

Franchise model Kill it. Since the development team TISI +% has invested any energy or resources into the model for many years. At present, this is just another blank feature that highlights the overall disadvantage of Live.

Live time U … not terrible, but how many people have bought Live because they have already started playing Live Moments? I will take the liberty to say that the population is small – if it exists.

The ultimate team (UT) how? So far, Live has not been able to take advantage of FIFA and Madden to enjoy UT success. This is mainly because the core game play is still not meet the standard. You can have a cool virtual card game until the cow home, but if no one wants to use them to earn / buy the player, then the buy will be very low.

UT has too much potential in basketball, but like the overall product, the objective needs to change. Putting UT to Pro-Am mode will be a clever way to keep this aspect of the game relevant, and it also helps to emphasize Live and EA’s enthusiasm. Many fans hate micro-trading, but let’s face: as long as the players are willing to pay to continue to play, they will not go anywhere.

In the NHL live studio

Song Andong’s hockey career is a step by step came, he is now a breakthrough today is a huge pay and hard, “the child is smart, savvy, like to study, training is also very hard.” With Song Andong coach Yao Naifeng, The original river and Fu Lei talked about Song An Dong almost have a similar interpretation, the original river also said, “to stand NHL stadium, for the Chinese ice hockey, Asian hockey is a great thing.

Among the four major North American alliances, for the distant Chinese sports circle, has been an exciting initiative. This is the moment Song Andong shoulder Yao Ming, Wang and other players have been playing NBA, the difference is that with the NBA draft is different from the NHL draft after the end of only a small number of people directly landing NHL stadium, that is, Song Anton is likely to also To accept a period of temper, have the opportunity to board his dream stage.

The new season, Song Andong will be the identity of the ice hockey to join the famous American high school Philip Andover, talked about the future he said: “hope in the NCAA (American University League) to play, after not only become the first draft selected China Players, but also the first Chinese player to play at NHL. ”

Song An Dong will challenge the NHL as a real Chinese identity, and the current owner of the New York Islanders is the famous Chinese entrepreneur who was born in Shanghai after immigrating to the United States, founder and former board of directors of Computer Associates (CA) Chairman and CEO Wang Jialian, Chinese elements have gradually become a NHL can not ignore a landscape.

Song Andong breakthrough not only in China caused the local boiling, but has become a worldwide topic. In the NHL live studio, the host asked Song Andong, his personal breakthrough will give the ice hockey is not developed in China what? NHL 17 Coins for Sale, The Best Place to Buy it from the realiable site Song An Dong replied: “After I went to Canada, China ‘s ice hockey really began to develop.

Song Andong before leaving the country, Beijing is only two is not the standard ice hockey, the registration number is also very little, and as of now, Beijing ice association registered athletes have reached 2123 people.