Osville is the equivalent of the Cleveland Browns

The big news erupted today in the Cleveland Browns, where Brown’s former Texas $72 million Mr., former Denver Mustang Super Bowl meritorious four quarterback Osville was finally laid off, and the legendary NFL career of Osville was temporarily reported to a paragraph. The Cleveland Browns This step has fully identified rookie four-Widhorn-Kaiser’s starting four-point position, while two second-year Cody Kessler and Kevin Hogan will be appointed as Cleveland Brown’s 23rd four-David, Interestingly enough, the three-and four-point players at Brown did not lead Mr. Brown to win any game in the NFL’s official game.

This year’s NFL pre-season Saiosville played two games, but his performance did not change at all in the Texan period, he was 22 12 in 67 yards, and after the Brawn team Madden Mobile Coins found Deshaun-Kaiser’s strength in pre-season, Osville did not even show up in the last two preseason. And today Osville is officially laid off. Not only that, although the boss of Cleveland Brown’s coach, Hugh Jackson, repeatedly gave the outside world a crazy compliment to Osville, earlier rumors were that after a few training sessions with Osville, Brown’s horned guards felt they could play outside in pre-season.

Osville came to brown very embarrassed, he is the equivalent of the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans on the draft deal, when Houston Texans sent Osville to Brown and sent a 2018-year 2nd-round draft and a 2017-year 6th-round draft, in exchange for a fourth-round draft. This means that Texans bought a four-point position in order to get the Cleveland Browns to take the Osville, with a two-wheeler-signing option. If Osville can suddenly get the best out of it, and he continues to sink, Brown will eat the $16 million and then fill in the bottom of the team’s salary and receive a two-round signature.

Orlando magic get back to winning

The 2017-18 season continues with the Orlando magic getting back to winning. Gordon scored 27 points and 11 rebounds, simons had 20 points and 10 assists, and they led a crucial moment scored six points in the fourth quarter set victory, the magic on the road to a 103-98 victory over the SAN Antonio spurs. The magic was 3-2 before the season, and the spurs were 2-2.

Orlando Magic was founded in 1989 and join the NBA, is a belongs to the American NBA professional basketball team based in Orlando LOLGA.INC, Florida, is part of the United States men’s basketball professional league southeast of the eastern conference.

The Orlando magic joined the NBA in 1989-1990 and was a contender for the title in a very short time. When the magic first introduced center shaquille o ‘neal in 1992, the team’s competitive strength grew sharply, becoming one of the most popular teams in the league.


Adam Silver Replaced The All Star Vote

Adam Silver talked to reporters about e-sports. We are two weeks ago announced a new plan, is based on the new alliance e-sports, Adam Silver tell tencent sports, tencent to this very understanding, in some ways the development of Chinese esports ahead of the United States. We teamed up with NBA 2K to announce the formation of the NBA 2K alliance.

This innovative idea of breaking up the inherent pattern, which is hard to see at the helm of other professional sports, is exactly the value of Adam Silver. Financial and economic circles in the United States, Adam Silver has a nickname, the creator, because he can always do some predecessors’ unexpected things, such as the center, establish replays selling jersey advertising, as well as the establishment of electronic games in the NBA LOLGA.INC.

In the 2016 China race, Adam Silver participated in the NBA care event 2016 China competition, and Adam Silver participated in the NBA care activities

Adam Silver smiles when he hears the reporter mentions the title creator. In fact, anyone who really knows Adam Silver knows that he values sports and entertainment. In 2000, Jordan made a documentary, when Adam Silver, 37, was the official producer of the NBA and gave a lot of valuable advice.

So after he took office, the NBA became more and more connected with entertainment. Consumers have a lot of choices in terms of entertainment, and these are all the players in the NBA, said Adam Silver.

If Adam Silver to make a lot of reform, change the all-star ballot, selling jersey advertising, is the original system in the NBA, then let him become a real creator esports, and in the future and possible new inspiration. There are too many choices for the audiences you watch, whether they’re on TV or online, and we’re constantly competing to get their attention. So we need to stay motivated, said Adam Silver. we get inspiration from all kinds of things, and some digital areas are inspired by tencent.

The NBA’s 2K alliance is inspired by tencent. Adam Silver said: we have to do is to make the concept of thirty teams in a video game competition, such as the New York knicks play Milwaukee bucks, the knicks will be the game against with the bucks. The players are not NBA players, but professional players from all over the world. Unlike NBA players is that they don’t have six or seven feet high, or at least five feet, these players in the video games can be any height, can be from any country, this is our innovative projects, to create a based on the new alliance of competition.

He believes it will involve new fans, because they want to see the competition that is controlled by professional players, who can make the best moves.

When it comes to this point, Adam Silver eyes brighter, he didn’t look like a 54, businessmen, more like a professional player, 24, when it comes to their beloved game, we are very excited.

E-sports fans and sports fans

This year, Irving’s Chinese travel provides fans with an opportunity for close contact with idols, also pioneered scene-type interaction, in the Beijing offline activities to create a product in line with the theme of the environment and atmosphere, so that the game itself to live, to convey a deeper concept of basketball participation and culture.

Nike, NBA and NBA giants are constantly colliding with games and competing with each other to see that the game has become a communication tool and language for connecting brands, stars, basketball and fans, not to mention the huge user community and the immense business value that the industry contains.

According to the research report of Newzoo, the famous electric competition industry, the electronic sports hobby crowd and sports fan has the extremely high coincidence degree, in claiming the basketball fan’s nearly 80 million Americans, 9.6 million people also will watch the competition, the proportion of the total number of competing fans (about 20 million) is close to 50%.

Compared with the United States, China’s basketball and the mass base of the competition is even bigger. Chinese Basketball Association data LOLGA.INC show that mainland China has a population of 300 million. IRESEARCH Consulting 2016 annual data shows that the 2016 China Electric competition market as a whole scale of 40 billion yuan, the total number of users of electricity has reached 170 million people. Among them, the love of basketball, but also like the users of the competition is bound to be a large-scale group.

Georgia coach Kirby Smart challenged his offensive linemen

Georgia’s manager, Kirby, cleverly challenged his offensive line to remind them how a year ago the bulldog had done just 75 yards away from Fort Vanderbilt LOLGA.INC.
Not only did they respond, the offensive line also won a goal, paving the way for the Bulldog’s most exciting game in 30 years. Perhaps they also found a “smash” style that would bring Georgia back to the South-East Union Championships, the first time since 2012.
Nick Chubb, who ended the Vanderbilt game with a 45:14 victory in the 423-yard race in Saturday, said there were loopholes everywhere. I think it has to do with mentality. We know we were not very good last year and everyone bought the ball. Everyone worked hard in the off-season and began to perform well.

McGrady will become special assistant to the Magic CEO

Tracy McGrady has returned to magic, of course, he is not a player but a special assistant to the CEO, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Tracy McGrady, two NBA scoring kings and seven All-star players, has returned to magic, this time as his special assistant to the team’s chief executive, Alexx Martin.

McGrady grew up in Florida State County, Orlando is also in Florida State, McGrady to join the Magic Management, will help the magic to enhance their development of the league affiliate team promotion and marketing work.

Of course, McGrady’s duties are not limited to this range LOLGA.INC. He will occasionally work with magic players and coaches, and he may also help to recruit some free players for magic, which is not surprising.

McGrady debut in the Raptors, fame in magic, although he in 2004 with Magic, but Tracy McGrady and Magic has been a lot of pull, 2013-14 season, magic in the opening of the game for Tracy McGrady Awards, that is the Magic Team 25 anniversary event of a link.

McGrady has been in the NBA for 15 years, he scored 28.1 points in the 4 seasons of the magic, but because of the injury, McGrady never crossed the first round of the playoffs, including a 1-3-big lead in the game.

In the summer of 2004, Houston Rockets used the Steve Francis, Catino-Cuttino and Kevin-Cato three first to pack and trade McGrady. With McGrady, there are Juwan-Howard, Tannen-Lu and others.

This September, Tracy McGrady was selected for the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

The sport that canadians like most is ice hockey

When it comes to canadians’ favourite sport, it should be ice-hockey. And canadians love ice hockey as much as americans do rugby, British tennis, Spanish football. And recently, another sport has become a topic of discussion among canadians, which is the impact of basketball.

Let’s start with the Canadian basketball culture and atmosphere. Neighbors as a professional basketball’s most developed countries, the Canadian basketball for the outside world is always in a state of tepid, and few bright eye in recent years, international competition results LOLGA.INC, and people, and understanding of most Canadian basketball is the only foreign only child in the NBA – the Toronto raptors.

The raptors in 1995 to enter the NBA, the team appeared early “little flying squirrel” amare stoudamire, carter, etc, and the two men were all in the raptors secure the best young player trophy, let as raptors fans began to focus on. The rumours, carter fans dubbed the “air Canada” in the title, nature is considered to be a Canadian, actually otherwise, carter is a genuine American, only playing for the raptors at the time, and popularity here now. Besides, he was quite accomplished in dunking, which reminded people of the old flying man Michael Jordan, hence the name.

Kelechi Osemele set about destroying the defensive

Tom Brady put his Week 1 performance behind him with a near flawless display against a hapless New Orleans defense that didn’t make it much of a challenge. Brady’s data was excellent, and 9 of his 13 passes were done on 10 yards or more. Brady had three passes, so his data looked better LOLGA.

Anderson broke 7 total interceptions in 28 contacts between transport and reception. It was a reminder that a perfectly healthy C. Anderson was the beast of the Denver Mustang, and he played this week in Dallas’s defense, making 85 in his 118-yard distance, breaking through 25 interceptions. Anderson also grabbed every pass, scoring touchdown in the process.

Jones ranked second in the WRs, which runs 4 yards per line. The Packers in the Green Bay left them to prevent them from destroying their defenses in the NFC tournament. Jones was defeated in the game at a distance of 108 yards, defeating three different defenders.

The entertainment feature of Rocket League

Rocket League is focused on multiplayer, automatic match should be based on the account level, but the actual situation is matched to the level of the players is really bad. Rocket League Items Some players do not know how to play the ball effectively, such as headless flies, a 120% contribution is 0, compared with the rookie AI. While many players are skilled in jumping, flip, edge and so on, and the game is very active.

The phenomenon of being hit by a member of the team or the goal of the oolong ball is also common, which can be seen everywhere, which also reflects the “entertainment” feature of the rocket alliance. We can also play the “season” mode, which will require players to create a team to compete with a number of AI teams in the season. The fun of the rocket alliance doesn’t get to the point where it’s really fun, and it’s nice to have a couple of good times, but it’s a long time to get a sense of boredom and fatigue. Of course, if you can have a group of gay and lesbian friends to “practice,” that’s another area.

Arsenal’s win was controversial

Arsenal played a premier league game early this morning and they beat west brom 2-0. Arsenal’s win, however, was controversial. After the game, sanchez was accused of staging a fake.

In the third minute, sanchez dribbled the ball to the left, and he fell slightly in contact with the defender, winning a free kick for Arsenal. The fall of sanchez is furious at west brom manager, pulis. After the game, pulis said directly that sanchez was the obvious fake.

Tony pulis said: “when sanchez won the first free-kick, it was a fake. It was a lie. Sanchez deliberately pretended to have been knocked down by Dawson, which won a very good free kick for Arsenal. But in fact, it was a real dive.”

Our honesty doesn’t get the same return, and I think Arsenal defender mustafi should also be expelled from the red card LOLGA.INC. I think the audience is good enough to see the facts tonight. Sanchez started the game without anyone touching him, but the referee gave Arsenal a free kick.

In the game, sanchez started his team’s first goal and was a big win for the team. But after the game, Mr. Pulis was pushed to the top of the line. Sanchez may also be under some pressure as the premier league hits more and more false falls.