Rocket League Theme

Psyonix and iam8bit are launching the Rocket League: The Vinyl Collection, which includes the front and back snazzy custom artworks designed by community members Dan Bronsema, as well as 180g albums.

When you book, you will also receive a digital download code for two volumes of tracks. You can place your order here at the iam8bit online store.

At the end of the supply, iam8bit also offers a limited edition vinyl collection. This edition is limited to 1,000 copies and has a unique artwork on the vinyl that is similar to the wheels found in the game.

Here is the track listing:

Vol. 1:

1. Rocket League Theme – Mike Ault
2. Angel Wings (feat. Avianna Acid) – Mike Ault
3. Darkness – Mike Ault & Christian De La Torre
4. Flying Forever (feat. Morgan Perry) – Mike Ault
5. I Can Be (feat. Crysta) – Mike Ault
6. In My Dreams (feat. Nikki Wilkins) – Mike Ault
7. Lacuna – Mike Ault
8. Love Thru The Night (feat. Morgan Perry) – Mike Ault
9. We Speak Chinese – Mike Ault & Abandoned Carnival
10. Seeing What’s Next – Hollywood Principle
11. Whiplash – Hollywood Principle

Vol. 2:

12. Firework – Hollywood Principle
13. Breathing Underwater (Ether Remix) – Hollywood Principle & Ether
14. Looking to the Future – Mike Ault
15. Escape from L.A. (Instrumental) – Mike Ault & Abandoned Carnival
16. Seeing What’s Next (Kev Frey Remix) – Hollywood Principle & Kev Frey
17. When the Lights Come On (Instrumental) – Mike Ault & Abandoned Carnival
18. Hard Buzz – Mike Ault & Abandoned Carnival
19. Game Time (featuring Dr. Awkward) – Mike Ault
20. Scorched Earth – Kevin Riepl
21. RLCS Theme – Mike Ault

Rocket League (You can view more about Cheap Rocket League Trading) launched a year ago, but there are still 1 million daily players steady popularity.

NBA 2K17 MyTEAM announced the real card

NBA 2K17 issue pink diamond Patrick Ewing high rating

Is pink diamond day! Today, the NBA 2K’s Twitter account has released a new Pink Diamond card, Pink Diamond Patrick Ewing, with an overall rating of 99.

As Ronnie revealed the latest Pink Diamond release date, the player’s eyes focused on lottery tickets, and recently, NBA 2K17 MyTEAM announced the real card (Cheap NBA 2K18 MT from

“The New York Knicks are the first winners of the 1985 lottery.To commemorate their first choice, we will release a pink diamond Patrick Ewing,” the official Twitter page is released.

In any case, now you can use the code “EWING-AYEA9-Q5ZYU-6Z22Q-DNHZB” to get your PD Ewing.

Two hot wheel DLC cars

A new Rocket League (Buy Rocket League Items for the game) update has come, adding support for the PlayStation 4 Pro, the new Hot Wheels DLC and other Hot Wheels projects. This is the destruction of new content:

Two hot wheel DLC cars – double mill III and bone oscillator. Each available $ 2.
Free hot wheel content – Get a hot wheel top and antenna.
Other items – free treasure and shark bite.
The player’s selection rules – including “some of the community’s favorite custom projects.”

For PS4 Pro updates, it allows the game to run on the PS4 Pro with 4K and 60 FPS, or 1080p and 60 FPS on standard PS4. In the single-screen and double split mode, the game are in every arena. Sony said last week that when using three or four players for split screen, you will see 60 “FPS frame rates at most sites with the same resolution.

The full patch of today’s Rocket League update can be seen below, as written by Psyonix.

Today’s new DLC announced in early February that the company Zag Toys is producing a physical Rocket League toy line.

In addition, Psyonix today announced that the Rocket League now has 27 million registered players, two weeks ago from 26 million. This game can be played free on Xbox One over the weekend

The NHL’s positive expansion to the United States

The NHL league’s Canadian descent, most of the players are Canadian. The number of European players and American players has seen a marked increase in the NHL’s positive expansion to the United States and its high level of off-the-shelf high-level players after the fall of the Eastern European Iron Curtain. Even so, half of the 2005-2006 season players are still born in Canada.

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Psyonix sold 1 million Rocket League in a box

Psyonix sold 1 million Rocket League in a box.

Last summer, the physical version of the taxi game was the first year after the digital download. The game was released by the 505 game entity, and the game also handled a boxed version of games such as Terraria and Stardew Valley.

The number is still the main platform for the title. Since its introduction, more than 9.5M games (Buy Rocket League Trading for the game) have been sold through Steam, PSN and Xbox Live, but its success in physical retailing highlights the potential of some of the only “digital-only” products in this market The Psyonix tells, although some boxed buyers are the fans of the existing wanting entities, the vast majority are “new players”.

“How do we know because we can track new accounts and compare them to physical and digital sales, and that math shows that it is primarily a new audience,” said Psyonix Jeremy Dunham, vice president.

There are many publishers to provide independent retailer services, we will be in the next few days from this business area to explore more developers.

For the 2017 NHL fan show collectors

For the 2017 NHL(Buy NHL 17 Coins from lolga) fan show collectors, this weekend will be held in Los Angeles 2017 NHL All-Star Game, have the opportunity to interact with the deck staff on the deck of the staff, and participate in a variety of hobbies and friendly activities

New Jersey devil star David Taylor (David Taylor Hall) the emergence will cause great excitement. He will sign a special 5 “x 7″ promotional card from 1:00 to 2:00 on Saturdays, free of charge to fans. However, it should be noted that the external project will not be signed on this event.

2017-NHL All-Star Fan Weekend – Upper Stall Ice Hockey O-Plinko

Those who buy 2016-17 upper deck hockey products at Bulls, Jaspy’s Hobbyland or KT Authentics booth will be able to have a personalized trading card, or play a popular Puck-O game chance to win some prizes.

In order to get personalized film in the 2017 NHL Fan Square, fans will need to buy any two packs of 2016-17 upper deck MVP or a pack of 2016-17 upper deck artifacts or 2016-17 upper deck trilogy in front of a To the dealer booth. Since then, they have to open them before the upper deck staff, and then hand over the wrapping paper before they are covered.

If these lines are as busy as expected, the collector can also choose to open a sealed 2016-17 workpiece or a trilogy box to get the line’s privilege.

For those who choose to play Puck-O instead of shooting signatures or commemorating the brand, they can break this year’s “artifact” or “trilogy”, or a single ice hockey 2016-17 upper deck series entry starter. To be reduced to six hockey, they will need to break 2016-17 artifacts or 2016-17 open box trilogy or a pack of 2016-17 black diamonds, 2015-16 UD black, 2015-16 on deck Prime, or 2015-16 The ultimate deck.

The Spurs finally succeeded out of the rocket

After several fierce battle, the Spurs finally succeeded out of the rocket, after a lapse of 3 years again into the Western Conference finals. For many fans, the Warriors Spurs War is equivalent to the finals of the showdown, the regular season after the Spurs record second only to the Warriors ranked second in the league.

Warriors and the Rockets are advocating offensive team, the Rockets are more like a weakened version of the Warriors, the Spurs can squeeze the rocket strong, naturally there are restrictions on the way the Warriors, the Spurs will continue to dominate the inside advantage, but the Warriors defense than the rocket is not a Grade on. Regular season warriors defensive efficiency of the first league, followed by the Spurs. Therefore, the war of war will certainly give us a round of the final stage of the contest.

Spurs and Warriors opener will be on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day Durant, but a BUG Yeah last year, Mother’s Day Durant scored 41 points to defeat the Thunder beat the Spurs. West will be the first Durant mother should appear in the Oracle Arena, Durant’s best gift is the audience to win the first victory to the mother.

No matter where, Durant’s mother will give his son the greatest support, the suffering of how much suffering alone Durant raised tall black women are great. Durant in a small time, Durant’s mother has been to encourage Durant to participate in various sports activities, she even gave up all his spare time to accompany his son exercise, she has no energy to carry out a new feeling, Has been single so far.

In 2014, Durant got the regular season MVP, he told the award-winning speech emotionally expressed his gratitude to the mother: “things can not be more difficult, single-parent family, two children, you were only 21 years old.” One of my best memories is that when we moved in the fourth time, there was no furniture and bed, we could only sit in the living room with each other, and finally we supported. “Durant recalls:” Summer, You will wake me up in the middle of the night to climb the mountain, urging me to do push-ups, you think of ways to let us eat, but will be hungry to sleep, you sacrifice too much for us … … you are really MVP. “Then, Durant MVP dedicated to the tears of the mother, this scene is moving.

In the Durant choose to join the Warriors, some Thunder fans Durant speech attack, back to the Thunder home  (Buy NBA 2K18 MT to help you to play NBA video games), Durant greetings are filled with booing and countless fans of ridicule. But Durant’s mother hesitated to continue to support his son, in the Thunder Arena sky boo with a black woman’s own waving in sharp contrast, that moment maternal love is great.

In the mother’s encouragement, Durant quickly rally, this season regular season Durant averaged 25.1 points 8.3 rebounds and 4.8 assists 1.06 steals 1.60 blocks lead the warriors lead the league, in the playoffs Durant’s performance to Warriors more Is added a peace of mind, all the way easily swept forward to the West. West is the first battle, the Warriors sit at home war spurs, Durant will, as always, the outbreak, for the mother to send the best Mother’s Day gift?

If you enjoy playing NBA Live Mobile

If you like to play NBA Live Mobile, the latest update should make you happy. As of yesterday, the game has been updated to reflect the 2016 – 2017 NBA season, which means new courts, jerseys and new lists, including rookie. The new update also adds daily target games and plenty of game fixes. The most important thing is to improve the passing game, now allowing you to pass the ball to the surroundings, and not easily throw the ball, colliding with other players does not mean that you will now lose the ball – although AI can still steal the ball from You – alley mechanic has been repaired (which is based on the developer’s huge community request), and there are more fine tuning.

In addition to these changes, these lists have been updated to reflect the movement of players, new projects have been created, and now there are 40 rookie players from the latest draft. So, for those who like to play the game, this update should make it better. You can check all the changes here. Update now, so go to see the new season.

Electronic Art today announced that it has updated the NBA Live phone game and can be used as a free play for iOS and Android devices. Although it is now ready to meet the upcoming 2016-2017 NBA season, the update also improved the graphics of the game and introduced a new user interface. Which can attract more players, which may make NBA Live in the $ 36 billion mobile market by a greater blow.

NBA Live will now have a new roadway technology and improve the pass, EA has been the game for the late competition team smart artificial intelligence. The update also includes support for Russian and Turkish languages, and EA promises to have more languages.

The update also increased the rookie program model, allowing fans to become the league’s new players, including the 2016 NBA draft in the 46 rookie.

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Hockey Fights Cancer cards

There are Bronze, Silver and Gold card packs of cards with the equivalent color. Since there are also promotional packs that a little more chance of turning up the game special cards, as Team of the week or hockey with flag Cancer cards have NHL 17 Coins. Some special cards may in bronze and silver tobacco packs, as junior flashbacks found – if they’re being promoted.

In general, tobacco packs are really not worth the coin is that they cost but if you’re lucky, you’ll pull a pricey or highly rated opponents. Then there’s what you do when you have some extra currency for playing, like you do not. When selling, you all ran and your collection grows – do not continue in your line is involved – and for sale save. If the price setting, the bottom of the page show how much someone else recently that card sold, which is usually a decent hardcore selling your card.

The Argentine Football Association

The FIFA Appeal Committee of the Argentine Football Association, the player Lionel Messi, against which of the FIFA disciplinary committee, the levy imposed on him as a result decision taken on behalf lodged appeal upheld.

After a hearing room at 4 in Zurich was May 2017, the Appeal Committee set aside by the FIFA disciplinary committee decision taken on 28 March 2017, which, in application of art. 77 e) of the FIFA disciplinary code (FDC), dropped Lionel Messi guilty of violating art. 57 of the FDC for insulting words at assistant referee must be under.

Lionel Messi’s behavior as reproachable despite the fact that the Appeal Committee as FIFA, the former concluded that the evidence available was not sufficient to establish the appropriate standard, i.e. the comfortable satisfaction of the members of the Appeal Committee, that art. 77 e) of the FDC, after which the disciplinary committee is responsible for sanctioning serious Infringements for the match officials’ attention have escaped, could be applied.

The Appeal Committee emphasized the importance of fighting for the match officials to respect, stressing that such a principle in the series is essential in all unsporting conduct that the principles of fair play opposite can not be accepted.

In view of the above decision, the suspension to four games imposed on Lionel Messi, who on 28 March 2017 and came into force, and the fine of CHF 10,000 have been lifted.

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