The game can be said to be very fun

Reaper: Pale Swordsman: A horizontal version of the ARPG independently developed by the British legendary game studio Hexage. It has a unique style and new gameplay Rocket League Items. The reason why Hexage is a legendary studio is that the staff of the studio is ridiculously small from the previous two to the present five. The game style developed is strange, the reputation is wonderful, and it is well-known abroad. The studio has been quiet for two years and finally launched the game.

The game can be said to be very fun to play from person to scene to operability. The dripping and unique style is definitely a unique existence compared to the massive 3D cool skills and games that are now used to blow up the sky. Can not resist this love. The little monsters in the game also have their own characteristics. From the small items to the costumes, the color is the top bar.

Rocket League is just starting to heat up

We’re just one day away from the Season 5 premiere of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS), and with the return of the show comes a favorite from last year complete with a fresh coat of paint — Fan Rewards are back, and cooler than ever! We’re only two full months into 2018 and Rocket League is just starting to heat up Rocket League Items! The Rival Series Play-In is right around the corner and we recently gave all of you a sneak peek of what’s to come in our Spring Roadmap, which means now’s the time to ramp up your practice regimen!
With this in mind, we have the materials you need to prepare for the action in this month’s Community Spotlight, so buckle up and hit ‘Ready’ because we’ve got a brand new list of Featured Custom Training packs coming your way! Simultaneously debuting alongside the streaming premiere of RLCS Season 5 on March 10, Rocket League Fan Rewards, Phase 2 will include twelve all-new items, including the Equalizer Supersonic Trail, Razzle Wheels, the Ballistic Goal Explosion and more!

The works want to achieve cross-platform interconnection

Cross-platform connection function of the Rocket League was formally announced earlier this month, but SONY refused to participate in, their reason is that they want to protect the young players Rocket League Keys on the PS4,” cross-platform Internet means that let children exposed to external disturbance beyond our control.”

The same argument applies to the cross-platform interconnection of my world. But as we all know, the real problem is that all platform players need to use the Xbox Live account Rocket League Items to log on to my world.

This problem from the crap shuffle over trifling let players, also not to be outdone, Microsoft said in response to said: “SONY mean, our platform can’t guarantee the player’s safety and health?”

Now, Psyonix, the production team of the Rocket League, can’t sit still. In a recent interview, vice President Jeremy Dunham said: “I can understand SONY’s position. But we want to be able to take care of our players.”

“From our point of view, if the PS is allowed to interconnect with the PC, then theoretically you should not reject the interconnection with the Xbox and Switch. Because the PC platform is one of the most unregulated. By contrast, the Xbox and Switch are more standard. So from our point of view, player protection is not to worry about.

“We’ve had a full range of security measures, we’ve developed security measures across the entire platform, and we have engineers who oversee the servers. Xbox security is the highest on all platforms, and if we can pass them, we can pass any other requirements.

“We run our own servers and we have our own matching system. No platform can understand the information of another platform, and we are the intermediary role.

“Technically, I’m calling headquarters now, and PS4′s cross-platform capability is immediately available. So the whole question is on the policy terms.”

Finally, Jeremy Dunham says it’s all about the game experience for all players, and he’s calling on players to join forces to make their voices heard.

“At this point, the players should make their own voice. ‘this is what we want. “And repeatedly reiterate your opinion.” He points out that many of the changes in the game are made in response to the player’s opinion.

“The game should be player oriented. Therefore, it is very important for the players to push forward. All the works that want to achieve cross-platform interconnection need the voice of the players, so please help us forward.

The number of visitors to the Rocket League

Psyonix recently tweeted that “Rocket League” has surpassed 40 million players worldwide, and they have created a new milestone at the beginning of the New Year, thanks to the contributions of players and communities. In addition, Frosty Fest is officially closed today, and players still have a week to redeem their holiday prizes.

In fact, the number of visitors to the Rocket League in December reached 38 million, with nearly 2 billion games held between players. It has to be said that the vitality Rocket League Keys and popularity of this game are unexpected, and no one has thought that the 2015 debut of the PS+ will be free of an independent game that can reach ten million sales.
But the Rocket League success is not on opportunities, all of it behind the developers Psyonix itself is an old company, with a history of 15 years for the unreal tournament 2003 make the experience of the vehicle, is also very good after continue to work on.

“Kicking” is a very original subject, and interested players can try it out. At present, “Rocket League” can play in PS4, PC, Swtich, Xbox One, etc.

The chronic traumatic brain disease

Hollywood actor Will Smith starring in the film “shock effect” has caused no small shock, this is a football theme of the film, the film Will Smith played the brain experts found that due to a lot of intense Head of the impact, NFL (American Football League) players are very susceptible to a known as CTE (chronic traumatic brain disease) of the brain disease, because touched the interests of all parties, the expert’s study was From the peer, NFL official and many other obstacles Madden Coins.

“Shock effect” adapted from the real story. The chronic traumatic brain disease mentioned in the film is the reality that scientists have been studying brain disorders, and the NFL has tried to boycott the study. Recently, the US media CNN exposed, the real situation than the “shock effect” revealed the content even more terrible – according to authoritative medical magazine “JAMA” survey, 99% of the NFL players after retirement are suffering from chronic traumatic brain disease pain.

The study suggests that chronic traumatic brain disease is a result of a large number of repetitive head collision caused by the impact of the collision will produce excess microtubule binding protein in the brain, these excess protein will block the normal nerve duct, thus Produce a series of neurological disorders. These illnesses include memory decline, confusion, judgment, depression, stress, etc., the victim may even be out of control because of impulsive behavior, and some people because of unbearable lead to suicide. In the absence of any clinical experience, the researchers were able to conduct the study only through the brain slices of 202 rugby players who volunteered to donate the brain after death.

Champions Field will be available in all competing

As you probably know, to celebrate the World Rocket League Championship, which took place until June 4 in Los Angeles, bidding with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or 1050 video cards has been announced, today we are talking about the title Of Psyonix with news about the upcoming update Rocket League Crates.

In fact, as reported by VG247 colleagues, the company announced that an update will be released on July 5th to celebrate the second anniversary of the Rocket League. What will be the 2nd Anniversary Update? First, a new map, Champions Field, which will be available in all competing and online playlists, Centio V17 and Animus GP, new songs, Trophies and Achievments. Also new customization options will be introduced for your media and finally “goal explosion,” an option that will be unveiled in detail in the near future.

The news does not end there, in fact it has been confirmed that with the update, the Season 5 of Rocket League will begin.

Below you can take a look at the Psyonix shared trailer dedicated to the 2nd Anniversary Update.

Rocket league have landed the Switch

Fusion of the car ball game nintendo games rocket league have landed the Switch, the Switch on the surface this game transplantation should be not much difficulty, but shall be responsible for transplantation of Panic Button still had quite a challenge, let’s take a look at technology media Digital Foundry to Switch “rocket league” what do you think of it.

“Original rocket league” is unreal engine 3 Psyonix mainly aimed at the PS4 and XboxOne development, Epic does not provide the Switch with unreal engine 3, is responsible for Switch version “rocket league” transplantation of Panic Button finally made it, and to ensure that the basic keep 60 FPS game run smoothly, positive Rocket League Trading.

Perhaps because of the transplant of Switch “destroy warrior 4″, Panic Button is more experienced this time, cooperating with the original developer, Psyonix, to ensure the smooth operation of the transplant. Apart from the special explosions, the game can stabilize 60 frames most of the time.

The biggest difference between the Switch “rocket league” and other platform versions is that it USES dynamic resolution, and the highest resolution is 720P, both in the handheld model and in the base mode. However, considering the low quality of the mapping filter and the relatively low resolution and anti-aliasing function, the effect of this work on large TV is not ideal.

Handheld mode Switch “rocket league” highest resolution for the same 720 p, but many people in wartime, the minimum can be dropped to 720 x432, texture filter and shadow effect is lower, and cancel the function of antialiasing. Although the Switch the rocket league in the picture on the expressive force is difficult to compare with the PS4 and Xbox One version, but stable smooth game and play the convenience of anytime and anywhere is nintendo independently and two magic weapon.

Sony’s PlayStation hardware

On the afternoon of May 25, 2014, Oriental Pearl announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development Co., Ltd. and Sony Group wholly owned subsidiary Sony (China) Co., Ltd. signed a joint venture contract, set up in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (Shanghai Dongfang Pearl Solvay Culture Development Co., Ltd.), as well as Sony Computer Entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Produced), responsible for the production and marketing of Sony’s PlayStation hardware, software and related services in China business Rocket League Crates.

October 24, 2014, Sony in Shanghai Xintiandi Taiping Lake Park, “Sony Charm” conference, Sony Group CEO Hirai Kazuo, Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House and PlayStation China Strategy Minister Tim Tianwu people attended. At the end of the Sony charm conference, Andrew House, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, officially confirmed and announced that the Sony PlayStation 4 next-generation game console will be introduced to the Chinese mainland market, will be announced at the appropriate time the national bank version of the sale plan.

December 11, 2014, Sony Computer Entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Oriental Pearl Suo Lok Culture Development Co., Ltd. held in Shanghai PlayStation China conference, announced the official launch of the PlayStation business for the Chinese market, PlayStation 4 host will January 11, 2015 listed in mainland China. PS4 computer entertainment machine black and white two, the proposed retail price of 2899 yuan; PS4 computer entertainment machine set (including camera and base), the proposed retail price of 3299 yuan.

NHL vice president of consumer marketing

Electronic Art, the National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Hockey League Player Association (NHLPA) announced today that the three Stanley Cup winners Jonathan Toews and the Chicago Black Hawk Patrick Kane will appear on the cover EA SPORTS NHL 16. This marks the first time in franchise history, with two teammates on the cover and a Stanley Cup trophy. Kane and Toews are also the only athletes to appear on the EA SPORTS NHL. The duo spotlight embodies the spirit of the NHL 16, and you will play together and win together.

“I am honored not only to share the Stanley Cup with Patrick, but also with him to share EA SPORTS NHL 16 champion,” Toews said. “Our team’s passion and dedication make it all possible – I believe fans will be fired.”

“It was a good idea to work with Jonathan to complete the NHL 16 cover,” Kane said. “” I never thought it would be covered twice, and this fact happened at the top of our team, Is unrealistic NHL Coins. ”

“Congratulations to the two players that they are well suited for this honor,” said Dave McCarthy, NHL vice president of consumer marketing. “It is not surprising that the Chicago Black Hawk has been able to complete the task over the past six years and I’m happy that this year’s NHL 16 cover will reflect the team spirit.”

“We would like to congratulate Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane on the well-deserved honors of being selected as a duo athlete.” Hockey fans have shown great interest and interest in EA SPORTSvideo gaming stores every year, “said Adam Larry, director of licensing and associate legal advisors at NHLPA. , They will be happy to see these two outstanding teammates gave the NHL 16 advantage. ”

The NHL 16 has more fan feedback and insight than ever before, providing you with the most needed features and modes, as well as making NHL 16 bigger and better new experiences. The NHL 16 allows you to play together and learn by combining in-depth research with single player and team models, combined with improved game balance and innovation, and new tools to help you reach the highest level.

On September 15, 2015, NHL 16 will launch Xbox One in Europe on September 15, 2015 in North America and September 17, 2015, from Microsoft’s integrated gaming and entertainment system and PlayStation4.

The Xbox One version of rocket league

The PlayStation 4 version of rocket league was patched in February 2017 to offer PlayStation 4 Pro support, allowing for 4K resolution and constant 60 frames-per-second rendering at 1080p for one and two-player split-screen players; three and four-player split screen will render up to 60 frames-per-second when possible. Similar rendering improvements were also made to the standard PlayStation 4 to approach constant 60 frames-per-second for most arenas and modes. Some of these included a redeemable code that can be used within the game for unique customization items Rocket League Trading.

The developers also filmed television advertisements for Rocket League that started airing the same month. Alongside these ads, Psyonix offered free copies of Rocket League alongside purchase of selected Nvidia graphic cards. Though the Xbox One version initially lacked this feature at launch,Microsoft in March 2016 announced that Rocket League would be the first game in a new initiative they were taking to enable cross-play between Xbox One and Microsoft Windows players who have Xbox Live accounts Rocket League Keys;this cross-platform play feature was added in an update in May 2016.Microsoft has stated that they offer other networks, such as Sony’s PlayStation Network, the ability to integrate with Xbox Live to allow full cross-platform compatibility for titles like Rocket League.